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PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures is a big, bustling, bonkers world of action, adventure, and just plain wackiness starring three BFF teenage characters that work together to keep their world free and safe. Throughout the series, Pac and his loyal crew prove their bravery as this protect the Power Berries from falling into the sinister hands of Betrayus and his evil army of baddies. The fate of PacWorld lies with Pac and his friends they attempt to rid PacWorld of the ghosts and send them crawling back to Netherworld where they came from.



The hero of PacWorld! He'll eat just about anything -- even ghosts! When he eats a Power Berry, he transforms for battle!


Pac's classmate who loves to compete. She watches out for her scatterbrained buddy, Pac! Her friends call her Cyli for short.


A muscle-bound classmate of Pac. He can't eat ghosts like Pac, but he still has a healthy appetite!


A very easy-going ghost. He's also a surprisingly good cook.


A ghost who harbors an affection for Pac. She sees Cyli as her rival.


A sarcastic and fiendishly clever ghost.


The leader of the 4 ghosts. He has a complex about being short.


The ruler of Netherworld and all its ghosts. He's selfish and quick to anger, but deep down he's a chicken. His ultimate goal is to conquer PacWorld.


Betrayus' butler. He has learned to keep his distaste for Betrayus to himself. He has a bad relationship with his twin brother, Doctor.


A mad scientist working for Betrayus. He has a talent for coming up with new inventions. He is the twin brother of Butler.


A kind-hearted monster. When angry, he transforms from his usual cute, cuddly self into a fearsome monster. He's also known for his loud snoring.

Power Ups

Metal Pac

Being metal will surely attract a lot of attention. Use your special ability to suck in surrounding ghosts and attach yourself to magnetized platforms.


Spin circles around ghosts with Spin Pac! Execute a Spin Chomp to take out all enemies on a drawn path.

Granite Ball Pac

Super-size the fun with Granite Ball Pac. Get your roll on and take down even the most menacing of foes.


Chill-out with Ice Pac! Pesky ghosts won’t sit still? Freeze them with your Ice Blast ability.


Turn ghosts into toast with Fire Pac! Toss flaming fireballs at your enemies.


Now you see him… now you don’t! Using your special ability button will make Pac invisible to enemies. Use your chameleon tongue to gobble up enemies or swing from poles to reach new areas.

Game Modes

Single Player Campaign

Journey through the exciting adventure and help Pac defeat Betrayus and his minions and save Pacworld. Fight for Freedom, Friendship and Future with the help of Spiral and Cyli.

Multiplayer Mode AKA Ghost Chase Mode

Compete against 3 friends in this multiplayer chase and be the first ghost to catch Pac!

Single Player Campaign
Multiplayer Mode AKA Ghost Chase Mode